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Graysand’s mission is to be the leader in affordable housing development, operations, & investment management of high-quality residential communities, delivering unrivaled service & experience to our residents, partners, & employees.



Graysand Properties is an affordable housing real estate firm specializing in the acquisition, development, and management of high-quality residential communities. Backed by a deep understanding of the markets, a commitment to quality, and a strong track record of success,



We act with honor, honesty, and fairness and we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.



We support each other internally and externally to achieve our collective goals.



We are responsible and take responsible action. We say what we mean, we do what we say.



We never forget development is just a bigger word for home.

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Graysand Properties realizes there is no deal too small or too big and we do the proper due diligence of researching and testing all potential opportunities before further pursuing a deal.

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Graysand Properties prides itself on using our experience and strong relationships on acquiring properties that best fits our mission as an affordable housing developer.

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Graysand Properties has a strong team of very experienced architects, engineers, contractors, designers and consultants who are determined to making our vision into a reality.

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Graysand Properties operates as its own property management company which handles daily maintenance issues, leasing of units, rent collection, and accounting all in house.

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All Aspects of Affordable Housing

Developers of affordable Housing with experience in

Involved in the development, financing, construction, and property management industries for many years

About Graysand Properties

Headquartered in Philadelphia,PA, Graysand Properties started out as one of the foremost developers and managers of affordable housing communities in the country. Graysand is focused on maximizing each property’s value while providing the very best living experience for its residents. Graysand has successfully developed numerous living units that are designed to meet the needs of the residents and the community.

Graysand’s mission is to be the leading choice for capital partners in search of strategic investment opportunities in the housing sector. In addition to providing exceptional results for Graysand’s investors, the company is dedicated to transparent business interactions, excellent client relations, and an unwavering commitment to integrity.

Graysand Properties uses our special niche to identify tremendous investment opportunities to acquire land or residential properties which we believe will live up to our vision as a company. Our goal is to deliver a premium product to the consumer at an affordable price.


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